Beginning to imagine London

The staircase inside Hooke and Wren’s Monument to the Great Fire of London © knightswrites

I’m a short story writer who sets his tales in London. This is a city of infinite possibility – and that presents the writer with great freedom and a great challenge.

In this blog I hope to capture what I’m learning from others who are imagining their city: whether that’s writers and artists, or walkers, explorers, gardeners, cartographers, gamers, protesters, revellers, technologists or any other characters who are fashioning this city with their creativity.

What is London?

I’ll also try and answer the question: what is London? A body… a palimpsest… a network… a jungle… a forge… a prison… There is, of course, no perfect answer. But let’s have fun trying to find one.

What images and feelings are unique to this city?

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