About knightswrites

I’m Alexander Knights, a short story writer, digital editor and lover of London.

I find it remarkable how many writers and artists and creators from all walks of life respond to this city in what they produce. This blog is about finding inspiration in the ways that Londoners imagine their city. It’s a way to reflect on how it feels to live in London, the sensations and influences peculiar to this city, and a chance to enjoy the poetry of its streets.

My short stories have been published in the Mechanic’s Institute Review and Riptide, and you can read a short one, called The Girl with the Sausage Dog, at Litro Magazine. I’ve written plenty more and I hope to publish a London collection.

All photographs and videos in the London Imagined blog are © me, unless I’ve attributed otherwise. You can also see more videos of London moments that I made on Vine when Vine was a thing.

If you have any suggestions of what to cover, or would just like to say hello, tweet me @knightswrites.

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